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It is imperative for the health and safety of your eyes and natural lashes to properly cleanse your eyelash extensions daily to prevent the build up of bacteria.

                Bacteria leads to infection.

The number one cause of eye infections while wearing lash extensions is lack of proper cleaning.

BadAss Lash has all your after care needs! Foaming lash wash, soft bristle brushes, oil free makeup remover, even satin pillowcases and sleep masks can all be purchased at your next appointment.

Below are some great tips and advice to help you carefully maintain and increase longevity of your lashes.


  • Wash your lashes 4-6 hours after your service.

  • Brush your lashes every morning and after every shower to separate and be sure to gently wash your lashes every day.

  • Oil WILL break the adhesive bond. Products that contain: Oil, Vitamin E, Glycol and Glycerine are all forms of oil and should be avoided, including the oil on your fingers. No touching!

  • If you can, avoid wearing make up. Most beauty products that you would wear on your face has some form of oil. Better safe then sorry!

  • If you must wear makeup, we highly recommend using our Oil free makeup remover, but be sure to follow up with a thorough lash shampoo afterwards.

  • Avoid intense heat sources such as steam from a dishwasher or sauna, heat from an oven or barbeque, and direct heat from lighters and campfires, etc.

  • Intense heat will make the curl drop and the tips fray. Yuck!

  • Lashes that have been burned cannot be saved.

  • Chlorine is a big No-No! Your lashes extensions will not survive

  • Do NOT rub, tug, pull or curl the extensions. This will cause the extensions to fall out and potentially damage your natural lashes.

  • Try to avoid sleeping with your face in a pillow.This can cause significant loss more on one side than the other. A silk or satin pillowcase is recommend.

  • If you are a tummy and/or side sleeper, a sleep mask might be a good option.

  • Avoid the urge to pull out those last few remaining lashes.

  • Badass Lash offers FREE removals on our own work.

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