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Hiya! My name is Sara! I am a 3x Certified Master Eyelash Technician specializing in handmade Russian Volume and Mega Volume lashes as well as Hydration Facials, Gel Nails & Gel Manicures and more!


Wanna know what I love most about my job? The connections I get to make with the most amazing women and the instant confidence boost I get to experience in that moment  when you open your eyes! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing you happy and knowing that I was able to provide some of that happiness for you! 

I take my skill very seriously, and for you, that means you are receiving not only an amazing set of lashes crafted to perfection, you are also receiving a highly qualified technicians certified infections control protocol and a meticulously maintained work space. The health and safety of my clients is top priority. My lash services come with a guarantee of quality work and top safety standards! 

Do you know what the difference is between Premade Volume and Russian Volume? 

Russian and Mega Volume are very fine tuned, artful skills that takes time and lots of patience to master, but when its done correctly, they last much longer than premade lashes. This is because a premade lash fan is already bonded at the base then its applied directly on top of the natural lash much like a classic lash. Russian Volume lashes are not pre-bonded as the base, they are hand made volume fans that are artfully crafted during your appointment. When the number of strands are made into a beautiful fan, it is dipped into adhesive then applied around the natural lash. The base of the handmade volume fan fully wraps around the natural lash making it a lot more difficult to come off, whereas premade lashes are known to be less flexible and forgiving. It may take a little longer but handmade is always your best investment! 

I am so happy to welcome you into my home salon! Don't delay, please book your appointment in advance   

Warm Regards,
Your BadAss Lash Artist,

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